Liberty Communications provides free consultation and ordering services at no cost to you from all major dial tone and internet providers. We represent multiple carriers and are able to provide you with the best quotes from virtually any provider. We are authorized by those dial tone providers to represent them in the needed product, and we save you money!

As pricing, services and needs change, so do the needs of your company. Not every solution is the same, and competing vendors usually have great bundled services. We assist you in determining the best solution that is right for your company.

If all you want is a line, multiple lines, DSL, PRI, T1 or Internet services, we help you with negotiating through the often frustrating process of ordering and delivery of services, and we protect your company in the ever-changing world of technology. Your  office requirements may have changed due to fluctuating markets. It is wise to review the services that you have each year so that, together, we can improve your bottom line.

Liberty Communications matches customers to providers with a strategy that is aligned with your corporate structure. To request a quote, fax or email your request along with your current phone bill, and we will be glad to review and recommend a solution for you.


  • I’ve partnered with Liberty since its inception and its owners prior to that.  They provide support on our phone system on an on-going basis.  

    - Robert Marchetti

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