The high cost of downtime

Try to picture this:  you arrive to the office one day and you're anticipating to close several new deals due to a brand new promotion your firm just rolled out.

Unfortunately, upon arrival to the office, you discover that the power for the entire office is out and none of your telephones are ringing.  No one has dial tone.

You check the local news to find that a local construction crew had accidently knocked over a major power pole and electricity within 1/2 mile is severed.  According to the news reports, a repair won't be completed for approximately 24 hours.  For all practical purposes, your firm won't have electricity, telephones or computers for 2 business days.  

When calling your office, clients & prospects are now only getting a busy signal, your employees are standing around without much to do and suddenly you're adding up the costs to your business and wondering if your firm can survive this outage.

While a full backup system is critical, it's especially important to remain connected to your client base, prospects and vendors with a telephone system that won't be completely shut down due to electrical outages or even a PBX system whose card just stopped working.  The majority of telephones systems today are still on older technology--PBX system.  With a VoIP system, calls are quickly and easily free to re-route calls.  


I’ve partnered with Liberty since its inception and its owners prior to that.  They provide support on our phone system on an on-going basis.  They’ve always been dependable and reliable.  Liberty also has a unique empathy for us as their client.  This uncanny empathy means they’re always focused on our needs. I have also contracted Liberty for electrical and data...
Robert Marchetti

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