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Designed with the customer in mind the AOH-Mp3
Fully Digital Player requires no downloading, programming, software or maintenance.

Every standard package includes our fully digital on-hold player,
a numbered certificate good for 90 days to be redeemed for
one FREE custom message, expert creative script writing assistance,
professional voice talent, and royalty free background music.


Fully Digital Player
Outstanding Sound Quality
Zero Maintenance
24/7 Continuous Operation
No Moving Parts
Non-Volatile Memory
Brownout Protection



Prompt #1:

Thank you for calling Sample Dental. Our staff includes a periodontist, orthodontist, and general dentists who can take care of all your dental needs. A lab on premises allows most repairs while you wait. This allows us to take care of those embarrassing moments as quickly as possible.

Prompt #2:

Our dental home in Sample Park is 182 Sample Avenue, one block West of the Bank, conveniently accessible by using the Rail Road, Bus Service and all major Parkways. This modern wheelchair accessible building allows us to better serve your dental needs.

Prompt #3:

In order to accommodate your busy schedule, Sample Dental offers a variety of morning, evening and weekend appointments. Our office is open 6 days a week. We also have 24 hour coverage, 365 days a year for dental emergencies. We appreciate your patience. A member of our staff will be right with you.

Prompt #4:

Have you heard about sealants? Sealants are a quick and easy way to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are a clear acrylic-like material placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. If you have any questions about sealants, please ask us. At Sample Dental, our goal is to help preserve your smile for a lifetime.

Prompt #5:

If you are unhappy with the shape, color or alignment of your teeth, a cosmetic consultation may be the answer. There are many alternatives, including bleaching, bonding or porcelain laminating that can quickly and easily transform your smile.

Prompt #6:

Ask Dr. Dentist about our Oral Vision video system. With the use of a tiny camera, Oral Vision allows a comfortable and truly enjoyable way to see your dental condition to better understand the need for proper dental treatment. Ask for a guided tour of your mouth when making your next appointment.

Prompt #7:

The need for removable partial or full dentures may be completely and safely avoided with the predictability and success of modern dental implants. Our implant training will quickly let you know if dental implants are a possible alternative, especially for you. We value our patients, so please hold and a representative will be with you momentarily.


I’ve partnered with Liberty since its inception and its owners prior to that.  They provide support on our phone system on an on-going basis.  They’ve always been dependable and reliable.  Liberty also has a unique empathy for us as their client.  This uncanny empathy means they’re always focused on our needs. I have also contracted Liberty for electrical and data...
Robert Marchetti

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