Larger home sizes and an increased reliance on technology make a home communications system an ideal choice for staying connected anywhere on your property. At Liberty Communications we offer communications systems that work as home offices, or for communicating throughout your home. Panasonic provides an array of products that combine unmatched convenience and accessibility.

Home Communications Center

Panasonic offers a few choices of communications platforms that are excellent for simply adding multiple extensions to a home system, or for supporting larger estates and mansions that require routing calls to specific locations, communicating with visitors at a gate or front door, or arranging separate voicemail inboxes for family members and residents.

Panasonic’s doorphone is compatible with a wide variety of private branch exchanges (PBX), and provides the ability to control doors and greet visitors. The line of Panasonic phones - wireless, IP, digital, conferencing, VoiP, analog - includes an incredible collection of powerful features to give you the control you need at your fingertips.

Best of all, Panasonic's communications systems follow a modular design which allows you to increase the number of extensions and possibilities without replacing or adding more hardware and equipment.

The Latest Wireless Handsets

The line of wireless handsets from Panasonic supports multiple cell antennas, repeaters for increased cell station range, and multi-system registration for roaming across a maximum of 4 separate phone systems. You'll have the range to experience crystal-clear reception anywhere you need to be, and exceptional roaming capability without dropped calls or loss of quality. Wireless handset features include:

  • Clear, backlit displays with access to all home communications systems features
  • Individual ringtones, and 3-color LED indicators for mute mode
  • Caller ID, personal speed dials, and 100-entry phone book
  • Dust- and splash-resistant models for outdoor and workshop use

Home Office 

Panasonic offers a variety of network telephones to assist in your home office, and provide easy access to the rest of your home communications system. Color touchscreen displays and IP network camera capability help balance work and home life. IP conference phones provide high-definition sound quality, background noise reduction, and speech slowing that make conference callers feel like they’re attending a meeting in the same room. They also include an SD card recording feature for PC playback, and the sleek, portable design lets you decide on the appropriate location for every conference call.



I’ve partnered with Liberty since its inception and its owners prior to that.  They provide support on our phone system on an on-going basis.  They’ve always been dependable and reliable.  Liberty also has a unique empathy for us as their client.  This uncanny empathy means they’re always focused on our needs. I have also contracted Liberty for electrical and data...
Robert Marchetti

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